finally coming home again



"The Creator is cosmically unlimited love and joy. He loves his creations and manifestations unconditionally." 


Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji, Ang 784, M. 5



The world is on fire - not only in the forests of our continents but also on a political and social level. More and more people are suffering the consequences of natural disasters, violence, food shortages, epidemics, lack of awareness in the use of resources and especially with each other. A large part of the population is increasingly on its own, feels burned out, is mentally ill or severely traumatized. Those who suffer the most are children and people who are on the margins of society anyway.

Many wonder why GOD allows it. Perhaps they have forgotten something crucial: The light of GOD is anchored as a driving force in the entire creation. But in the form of a human, we are the only beings who have the opportunity to consciously practice actions through a keen mind. Whether we recognize this precious gift and how we use it is up to you. GOD is not responsible for the actions of the individual. Yet he/she loves everyone equally and makes no difference. Certainly not in terms of character, nationality or religious orientation. Beings who unconditionally surrender to GOD merge in his/her immortal, eternally existing, formless form, and consequently attain the virtues of the omnipresent Creator as Saints. This guarantees a blessed action according to the cosmic order. Such devoted Saints are functionning as a channel of GOD through their full anchoring in NAAM. The light of such lighthouses is accessible to EVERYONE and is bringing the disoriented back home in the roaring ocean of the world. SANT BABA KULDEEP SINGH JI, the founder of SACHKHAND DHAM - SCHOOL OF LIFE r.a., is one of these lighthouses.

SANT BABA KULDEEP SINGH JI is supporting with the non-profit SACHKHAND DHAM - SCHOOL OF LIFE r.a. people of all nations and traditions, who are interested in a mindful, happy existence in harmony with the cosmic order or even want to reunite with GOD.


The SACHKHAND DHAM - SCHOOL OF LIFE r.a. shows the way there through intensive training, practical courses and interesting publications, which are free of charge for all.