the Blessing of Naam for all humanity



"Only GOD and who recites NAAM will last forever. Human life was given to us to bind us with the highest vibrational force NAAM and to become one with the Creator."


Sant Baba Kuldeep Singh ji

Whenever the divine order is significantly disregarded and beings blindly follow their entangled spirit, Prophets, Avatars, Saints, or other Souls, associated with the highest divine vibrational power, are sent to restore the bond of each being to God. So far, however, their missions have only succeeded in the beginning or have led to further aberrations.


For this reason, God decided to incarnate himself/herself for the first time 550 years ago and appeared on 29. November 1469 in the form of Guru Nanak Dev ji. In later years, Satguru Nanak Dev ji founded Sikhism* (Sikh means disciple of God) and, with the Ambrosian, all-penetrating, immaculate vibrational primal force, NAAM, revealed the way to union with the formless form - GOD - in accordance with the cosmic order.


The divine light of Satguru Nanak Dev ji was then transferred in succession to ten more Sikh Gurus. The all-pervading vitality of NAAM, which practically shows the way to God through the ten bodies of the Sikh Gurus, has finally become the eleventh Guru, the Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji anchored in the form of a Holy Book as a universal Guru (Guru ji) for ALL people. The immaculate embodiment of NAAM as Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji also captured works by Saints from Islam and Hinduism who lived before Guru Nanak Dev ji’s appearance and exhibited this quality. In concrete terms, it means that only those vibrations revealed from the connection with the eternally present, highest primal vibration of NAAM on Earth have embodied themselves as part of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji. No matter what their original worldview was. For Sri Guru Granth Sahib is the universal guide to God and intended for ALL people from ALL traditions.


This supreme primordial vibration, manifested as Shabad in the verses and mantras of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and from which everything was created, is the primal vibration of the cosmos, which is also physically measurable. Science has been aware of its existence for a long time and knows that without this "sound" nothing would exist. However, it has not yet been precisely deciphered. But the researchers suspect that it must be the sound vibration of creation itself.


As 550 years ago in Guru Nanak's Dev ji's time, the earth, and thus humanity, is facing a turning point. Not a day goes by without reports of natural disasters, climate violations and politicians who only half-hearted take action or simply deny that we are on the verge of a collective collapse.


At the same time, there are also hopeful examples and people who are working with all their strength to ensure that Mother Earth can regenerate herself. People who not only talk but also act and have dedicated their lives to this task. A task that is not only to live more environmentally consciously, but to refocus one's mind on THE power that creates all that is. From the beginning, at all times and levels. GOD, Creator, Waheguru Allah, Jahwe, Rama, to name just one of many names for it. The tool for this is NAAM, the ubiquitous, supreme vibrational power of love revealed to man 550 years ago by Guru Nanak ji. The essence, which in many religions was only mentioned in passing or deliberately hidden. Because NAAM makes people independent of external influences and manipulation and enables a direct bond with the highest energy – God. NAAM is also the power that keeps Mother Earth in balance. Because on Earth there are still some enlightened beings who are 24/7 connected in NAAM and so provide the necessary balance through their prayers and deep meditations. They also include Sant Baba Kuldeep Singh ji, the founder of the SACHKHAND DHAM - SCHOOL OF LIFE r.a.


But the work of these Saints united with GOD is becoming more and more difficult. Because the more people are sinking spiritually and as a result acting against nature and also themselves, the more NAAM is needed  to counteract it. That is why it is important that as many people as possible learn what NAAM is and how they can use it for themselves and for the well-being of all. Then our blue planet will be able to recover and our children and future generations will have the chance for a healthy, peaceful future. For this purpose, SACHKHAND DHAM – SCHOOL OF LIFE r.a. is laying the foundation stone with its training center in India and is now showing its presence in the Club centre in Baden-Baden/Germany.