What we care about

The focus of our initiative will initially be our club centre in Baden-Baden and in the near future SACHKHAND DHAM GURDWARA with an affiliated EDUCATION CENTRE in India. Here people from all nations and traditions can take part in free courses on a wide range of topics. Under the guidance of SANT BABA KULDEEP SINGH JI there will also be a five-step training for spiritual seekers.
The basis of all courses is the essence of the teachings of "Siri Guru Granth Sahib ji", the embodiment of love and peace in the form of a holy book and at the same time the highest spiritual and religious authority in the Sikh religion. It gives true knowledge about God and his creation mechanisms and gives practical help, guidance and blessings to all people who want to discover this path of life for themselves. It is not absolutely necessary to break away from your previous religious traditions or to convert to Sikhism. The essence of "Siri Guru Granth Sahib ji" is a universal path for all cultures and traditions.
Donations to support our projects worldwide are welcome. Every cent goes 100% to where it is needed without deductions. Because all employees of the non-profit SACHKHAND DHAM - SCHOOL OF LIFE e.V. work on a voluntary basis.


Child support worldwide

We are supporting orphanages and organizations all over the world that want to actively practice the path that SACHKHAND DHAM – SCHOOL OF LIFE e.V. shows and wants to pass on to their protégés. in these institutions we also provide sponsorships, so that the economic basis of the children is also secured.

Yoga and Kirtan

 A fundamental aspect of "Siri Guru Granth Sahib ji" is its musical poetry in verse form. This sacred sound current, the Shabad Guru, helps people to cultivate a state of greater peace and tranquility within themselves. The Shabad Guru finds his expression in the courses offered by the association on the subject of yoga, meditation, chanting of Kirtan and Mantras.


educational courses

Parents usually try to give their child all the love and support they are capable of. But often they carry with them so many burdens and entanglements that it is not always easy to do this task. Also, a child brings a lot of "luggage" into life through his own karma. In an extensive range of courses, parents, educators and people interested in education learn how to help children achieve their personal life goals as quickly and undisturbed as possible. In our club centre in Baden-Baden there will soon be initial offers.

(photo: skalekar1992/ Pixabay)