sant baba kuldeep Singh ji

Sant Baba Kuldeep Singh ji, Sant ji in short, was born on 4.7.1967 at 1:20 a.m in the village of Dhalake, Moga, Punjab  in India. It is an old tradition and very common in India to make a so-called Kundali. It is in wider sense a written form of fate and provides information about the nature and the further course of human life, because many things are predetermined. When Sant ji saw his Kundali for the first time a few years after his birth, he got to know, that he would one day be a blessed Saint endowed with an immense love and light of God. Already at the age of 31, unnoticed by his environment, he will be enlightened and one with God. If Sant ji went public in this state of consciousness, he could do something very valuable for the earth and for the whole of humanity. Otherwise he would remain in enlightened asceticism for himself.


In the early years of his childhood, it did not necessarily look as if the  restrained and observant boy from the village of Dhalake would become a Saint. For Sant ji grew up in a family that was not spiritual at all, but very worldly oriented and entangled to all kinds of pleasures. At the age of 14/15 he came into contact with the Khalsa tradition for the first time through friends and was strongly attracted to it. At the age of 18, Sant ji also took Amrit and was baptized as a Khalsa. The young Khalsa took the obligation of practicing a two-and-a-half-hour Sadhana with prescribed prayers every day in the early hours of the morning very seriously. However, since he could not yet speak or understand Gurbani properly - and there was no one in the area who could teach Sant ji Gurbani - he was looking for a way to fulfill his Sadhana dutifully. With Guru's blessing, Sant ji chanted the Mantra "Sat Nam Waheguru" every morning for two and a half hours, and then fulfilled his worldly duties in school and education. After a visit to Harminder Sahib - Golden Temple - in Amritsar, Sant ji was inspired by the book of a well-known Saint to intensify his Sadhana. For it was written that one is blessed by Guru ji when the Mool Mantra is repeated 125,000 times. In the meantime, in the village of Bhindra in the Taksal school, Sant ji had learned to speak and reflect properly Gurbani. He received further support and blessings from a well-known Saint of the Sikh tradition, who lives almost exclusively in a cave, where he is united in deep meditation with Wahe Guru.


Inspired by the example and support of this Saint, Sant ji followed his path as Khalsa with the utmost consistency and embarked on his first, very intense 40-day Jappa. There, Sant ji's consciousness was raised by Guru's blessing to such an end that he was sublime over time itself in his young age under 25. All worldly concerns were completely indifferent to him at that time. He was in a state of absolute asceticism and seclusion. Also, Sant ji slept only a maximum of two hours a day from 10:00 p.m. to 12:00 midnight. Afterwards he got up again and dedicated himself to his Jappa. His family and friends, of course, were not enthusiastic about this and wanted to distract him from his spiritual path and strict daily schedule. But Sant ji consistently resisted without going into confrontation with his family and other critics. He simply remained peacefully passive and continued in his routine. After his father died his entourage realized that nothing could dissuade Sant ji from his path. As a result they finally left him alone. Nevertheless, he fulfilled his duties as a son, married at the age of 25 and started a family. But that did not change his deep connection to Guru ji and his state of consciousness. As in his Kundali predetermined, Sant ji reached at the age of 31 the highest level of enlightenment and union with God. In the following years, Sant ji visited several times the Gurdwara Shri Hemkund Sahib Ji, which is in the Indian Himalayan region at 4633 m, to make a 40-day Jappa in summer and winter. It is the former retreat of Guru Gobind Singh ji, the tenth incarnation of Guru ji. In the days of his Jappa, Sant ji retreated from the outside world in a cave, fasted, meditated for 22 hours, then walked around a bit and finally rested a little. When Sant ji had to struggle with his mind at his first Jappa after 10 days, he asked Guru ji in a prayer for support. Guru ji saw how great Sant ji's love for him was and provided him with so much strength and blessing that he could not only finish his intense Jappa, but repeat it every six months and work a few more hours in addition to his meditation routine. 


After years of being very secluded, in the year of 2002, Sant ji showed himself more and more in public. He soon became known in his village. Diseases that even seemed to be incurable disappeared due to the presence of his aura, because Sant ji had been so blessed by Guru ji. In the following years, Sant ji served the people of Sangat, did Kirtan with them and helped to solve their problems. In 2012 he also flew to Australia and New Zealand and spread the teaching of the Guru as well. In New Zealand he took the time again to withdraw and hold a 40 days Jappa with the same conditions. Countless Sri Jap ji Sahib Path, Mool Mantar with Gurmanter Wahe Guru and Sri Sukhmani Sahib ji, etc. have been recited so far.


Today, Sant ji and his Family live mainly in India. Every Sunday between 12:00 noon and 14:00 p.m. he connects Seekers with Guru ji, helps the needy and heals sick persons with Gurus Blessing. With the Sachkhand Dham -School of Life -, Sant ji realizes another prediction from his Kundali: to give support to the earth as 550 years ago in the time of Guru Nanak ji and to show people the way back to God. So that they can live a life of love, joy, peace, health and fullness in the divine cosmic order.